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Financial Help To Install BMPs

The Maryland Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share (MACS) Program provides grants that cover up to 87.5 percent of the cost of installing eligible BMPs called for in a SCWQP.  Other Federal incentive programs may also be available and typically assist with 50 to 75 percent of the BMP cost.  Programs can be used together to maximize cost-share assistance. Our ag. staff  can help determine all available financial resources and walk you through the application process.  See our Cost Share Programs page for more information.







Conservation Plans

What Is A Conservation Plan?

What's Included in a conservation plan?

Plans typically include the following:


   A.     An aerial photograph, map or diagram of the farm

   B.     An inventory of natural resources on the property

   C.     A soil map showing the type and location of soils on the farm

   D.     A list of management decisions, agreed upon BMPs and an

           implementation schedule.

   E.     An operation and maintenance plan for installed BMPs

   F.     Additional information on soil loss, seeding, tillage and fertilization

           may also be included.


Click on the pictures below to see an example of each component.


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