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Weed Control

Noxious Weeds

Thistles, Johnsongrass and Shattercane have been declared prohibited noxious weeds in Maryland.  These weeds must be controlled by anyone owning or managing land within the State.  Seeds from these noxious weeds are transported by wind, water and man once the plants have matured.  These weeds threaten the productive land of farmers and cause insightly and unwanted problems in lawns and gardens of homeowners.


General control practices include mowing, cultivation and/or treatment with approved herbicide.

Spray Assistance

Should you or someone you know have noxious weeds and need assistance controlling them, Baltimore County's Noxious Weed Control Program provides spray services on a fee for service basis.


If noxious weeds are spotted on your property by Baltimore County's weed control coordinator, you will be cited and sent an advisory notice informing you that by law you are required to control them.  Failure to control noxious weeds within the time allotted will result in a possible fine.

Maryland Dept. of Agriculture

Plant Protection &

Weed Management

Office (301) 667-9376

Weed Control Specialists

Weed Control Coordinator

Baltimore County Noxious

Weed Control Program

Cell: (443) 895-9455

Pearce Norris

Lane Heimer

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1114 Shawan Road, Suite 4

Cockeysville, Maryland 21030

Phone (410) 527-5920


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